Vice-Chair’s Job Description

The primary responsibility of a Vice-Chairperson (VC) is the recruitment of five Team Captains. Each Team Captain should be a highly motivated leader who can in turn recruit a team of runners/walkers from their company and/or community. A team consists of five members, one of whom is the Team Captain.

Step One: Recruit Team Captains

Recruit five people to be Team Captains. You may list yourself as one Team Captain. Each Team Captain will then each recruit people for a team of five. Follow the diagram below to see how this process works:

Vice Chair Diagram

Step Two: Give Epilepsy Foundation (EFWCP) Your Team Captain Names

Once you have identified your Team Captains, return the Team Captain Registration form to EFWCP. In order to register the Team Captains for the Team Captain Party, you must complete the registration form with each individual’s name, address and phone number. At the party, Team Captain Packages containing all pertinent information will be distributed.

Step Three: Provide Support, Encouragement and Motivation

Ensure that your Team Captains collect sponsorship forms and monies from their team members in order to register them for the event. You may wish to initiate some friendly “team competitions” to encourage each team to raise more money for this great cause.

For more information, please contact the EFWCP special events coordinators at 1-800-361-5885 or via email at

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