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A summer camp for children and teens who have seizures!

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Date: Sunday, July 7, 2013

Camp Frog 2013

Camp Frog is a nationally-recognized program that places extra supportive and medical services into existing YMCA summer camp programs, allowing children who have seizures to enjoy summer camp just like their peers.


The EFWCP provides counselors in the cabins along with the camp program staff. All of the camp staff is fully trained by the EFWCP. Our counselors will help to provide seizure recognition and first aid, build confidence, and provide guidance to campers in a fun-filled atmosphere. 


In addition, a pediatric neurologist and a nurse will be available on-site during the entire week of camp. This medical staff supervises medication administration and any seizure-related medical care required by our campers. 


Families that can not afford to pay camp fees can apply for a G. Peter Rockwell Camper Scholarship made available under the Steve “Froggy” Morris/G. Peter Rockwell Endowment Fund.  Partial and full scholarships are available for payment of camp fees.




The Epilepsy Foundation Western/Central PA invites children and teens between the ages of 8 and 17 years old and who have completed 3rd grade but not yet graduated high school, who have a primary diagnosis of epilepsy or seizure disorder to attend Camp Frog 2013! The EFWCP strives to make a camping experience available to all children with epilepsy; however, campers must meet all basic eligibility criteria. 


The health and safety of all campers is our number one priority.  Camp Frog is a fully integrated camp program. Campers need to have the skills to function independently within an inclusionary setting at all times. They need to possess the ability to participate and function within both small and large groups, without one-on-one assistance or supervision.  Independent self-care skills are required. This includes but is not limited to independent toileting, bathing, and feeding skills.


All campers must complete a Camp Frog registration packet and new campers must meet with an EFWCP staff member in person before the registration process is complete.  Final acceptance and confirmation of eligibility for Camp Frog is determined through a medical review of the camper’s application by both the camper’s personal physicians and the medical staff supervising Camp Frog.


The EFWCP encourages participation by everyone. If your child has any special needs - physical or behavioral - please contact us as soon as possible to discuss eligibility at 1-800-361-5885.  We will work with your family and the private camping facilities to explore potential accommodations of your child’s special needs.  Children who may need specific accommodations must be fully registered for camp and accommodations must be confirmed at least one month prior to the start of camp.  Please register early and contact the EFWCP staff if you need to discuss accommodations.



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